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Kennewick Cast Gold Inlays & Onlays Dentist

The gold standard in dentistry!

There’s nothing more precious than a healthy smile

Did you know that gold restorations are considered the best in dentistry? The reason for this are the extraordinary properties of gold.

  • Gold is incredibly biocompatible
  • Gold doesn’t oxidize and discolor your teeth
  • Doesn’t break or crack
  • Feels natural in your mouth
  • Can last for decades

Cast gold inlays and onlays can look great and provide a conservative, long-lasting solution to damaged teeth. Interested in getting a gold restoration in Kennewick? Dr. Holmes is here to answer all your questions! Book online or call (509) 361-1859.


With proper care, gold dental work can last for up to 70 years!


Gold restorations can protect your teeth from fractures and cracks


Conservative gold restorations can be placed discreetly in your mouth


They feel similar to natural teeth. You won’t even notice them!

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Your gold restoration at Holmes Dental

Dr. Holmes has extensive training and experience placing cast gold inlays & onlays.

  • After a conservative preparation, an accurate impression of your teeth is made.
  • Your high-quality gold restoration will be created at one of our top-tier laboratories.
  • Dr. Holmes will place your new gold restoration so you can enjoy a healthy smile for years to come!
Gold Restoration at Holmes Dental in Kennewick, WA

Before & After

Patient before gold restoration case 1 at Holmes DentalPatient after gold restoration case 1 at Holmes Dental
Patient before gold restoration case 2 at Holmes DentalPatient after gold restoration case 2 at Holmes Dental
Patient before gold restoration case 3 Holmes DentalPatient after gold restoration case 3 at Holmes Dental


How much does a gold restoration cost?

  • The cost of your restoration will depend on the location and size of the damaged tooth
  • Your insurance may cover a percentage of your treatment
  • Our team will gladly give you an estimate of your out-of-pocket investment

Payment Options

Everyone is welcome at Holmes Dental! We work with most dental insurance companies and our team is happy to provide you with options to help you get the premium quality of care that you deserve.

Our patients’ trust means everything to us

“My daughter had a couple of cavities and Dr. Holmes fixed them with no problems at all. He didn’t even have to get her numb!”

— Angela M.

“The staff is very accommodating and gets you in quickly. Dr. Holmes’ work is smooth and impressive. Talk about a breath of fresh air!”

— Becca S.

“Dr. Holmes and his staff are wonderful. I reached out on a holiday for a dental emergency and got an immediate response with a next-day appointment.”

— Cierra N.

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FAQ about gold restorations

Do gold restorations require special care?

In general, gold Inlays and Onlays require the same care as your natural teeth. To ensure they last as long as possible make sure to:

  • Brush at least twice a day for 2 minutes
  • Floss daily
  • Maintain regular checkups and cleanings

Are gold restorations safe?

Yes! Dr. Holmes is trained in the highly regarded Tucker Technique.  When placed properly, gold is considered incredibly biocompatible and doesn’t create adverse or toxic reactions in your body.

Am I a good candidate for a gold restoration?

You may be a good candidate for a gold restoration if you:

  • Are looking for the longest-lasting solution
  • Have a severely damaged tooth due to decay or trauma
  • Have a broken, cracked, or chipped tooth

Restorative procedures like gold inlays and onlays can help protect, restore, and reshape your teeth. If you think you could benefit from this treatment, book an appointment with us today!